Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book or buy a ticket?

It is possible to reserve a ticket online or by sending an email to (indicating the date of departure, the type of accommodation chosen and passengers’ personal data including first and last name, date of birth and ID card number. In case of accompanying vehicles it is necessary to indicate the vehicle brand, the model and the plate number). You can also book through your Travel Agent.

What if I do not receive any feedback after having correctly effected my booking and paid on line?

Contact our Central Office (no. 00355 52 224900/225338) or send an email to, indicating the file number as appeared on the booking confirmation on-line and the passenger’s last name. An operator will contact you and inform about the state of your booking and, if correctly effected, will send your tickets by email to the address indicated on booking the ticket. Differently, booking must be effected again.

Is the printed copy of the ticket received by email valid for embarkation?

Tickets sent by email as attached to the booking confirmation are not valid for embarkation . To get access onboard a boarding pass is required as issued by the Ventouris Ferries Office in the departure port.

How can I obtain the relative invoice?

For the invoice contact:


How can I pay a booking on-line?

Bookings on line must be paid by credit card (visa, master card etc.) or using your paypal account.

Can I book my ticket on line and pay for it in the port?

No, payment must be effected on booking on-line.

How can a ticket booked on-line be reimbursed?

Send a request to our email:

The reimbursement will be credited to the same credit card used for payment, as specified in the cancellation conditions printed on the ticket.


When do embarkation operations start?

Embarkation starts 4 hours before the departure of the ferry and continues until one hour before sailing. Embarkation procedure applies for all passengers for all kinds of vehicles.

Can I carry a pet with me on board? Which animals are considered pets?

Only dogs and cats are admitted on board provided they have a Pet Passport. Animals must be included in your booking directly on line or through your Travel Agency.

Once in the port what must I do?

Once in the port, reach the terminal for getting embarked. There you will get the electronic ticket and the boarding pass. This procedure is valid for all passengers and for there vehicles.

How are cabins/seats assigned?

Cabins and seats are assigned randomly. The number of the cabin/seat assigned will be highlighted on your boarding pass. For further info contact the staff on board.

If no more cabins are available is it possible to be included in a waiting list?

There is no waiting list. If the type of accommodation chosen is not available, you can choose another type or change the date of departure .

If I lose anything on board what can I do?

If you lose any belongings while you are on board, you must contact the reception and inform the Purser. If you realize that you have lost anything only after disembarking, send an e-mail containing all the details about the property lost to:

Is it possible to embark a vehicle with no driver?

Yes it is possible, you can buy the vehicle’s ticket in our central office, where you will be informed and for the necessary documents.

Is it possible to get access to the garage during navigation?

For safety reasons access to garages is not allowed during navigation.


How can I cancel my booking?

You must send us an email to:, the ticket code and the name of the passenger. Cancellation fee will be based on the rules of cancellation.

How can I modify a booking effected on-line?

You can send  a modification request email of your booking to: or contact us calling to our central office numbers: 00355 52 224900 / 225338.

Can a ticket be modified? In this case is there a penalty to be paid?

Tickets can be modified. Change of name or other personal information has not an additional cost. Changing the date or the type of accommodation is realized by paying the difference between the new price and real.

If I modify my booking, will I receive a new ticket?

Yes, you must receive a new ticket.
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