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Before boarding passengers have to check-in at the Passenger Terminal. At the check-in desk they have to show the ticket and a valid ID document for all travelling passengers. They will receive the individual Boarding Pass. For passengers travelling in cabin, the Boarding Pass is also the cabin key, which has to be kept during the duration of the voyage.

Limit for check-in is 1 hours before sailing for passengers with a vehicle and for foot passengers. Passengers arriving at the check-in desk later loose the right for embarkation, even holding a valid reservation.

The vehicles are embarked according to the instructions given by the Master or his delegate and can be parked on   any deck of the vessel.

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Our Prices

The fares are expressed in €uro.

Tariffs is conditioned by the age of passengers. We have 3 categories:

Adult (anyone up 12 years old) – Default price.

Child (4-12 years old) – 50% of default price.

Infant(under 4 years old) – Only 12 € (fuel surcharge).

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Fuel Surcharge

12 € for every passenger and vehicle. This is included on ticket price.

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Conditions of Payment

The ticket is payable at time of reservation.

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Conditions of Cancellation

In case of cancellation passengers must go to the travel agency or can come directly to our office. For cancellations made by the passenger the following penalties apply on the total amount of the passage fare:

   0% Penalty for cancellations made until 4 hours before sailing.

 50% Penalty for cancellations made between 4 hours and 1 hour before sailing.

100% Penalty for cancellations made after sailing.

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Conditions of Modifications

Passenger tickets can be modified. Modification can be made before or after the sailing date. Some of the modifications that can be made are:

Change of name or passenger data (without penalty).

Change of mark or the plate for vehicles (without penalty).

Change of accommodation (penalty: the difference in value between the new ticket and the original one).

Change of date (penalty: the difference in value between the new ticket and the original one, NOTE: you can change only 2 times). 

Addition of passenger, until day of sailing.

Addition of vehicle, until day of sailing.

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Travel Documents

For citizens of an EU country a valid ID-card or a valid passport is required.

For citizens of a non European country its needed: a valid passport and an alien’s residence permit or visa for a country belonging to the Schengen zone.

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Health and Vaccination

Passengers are presumed in sound health, both physically and mentally and suffering from no illness, complaint or infirmity, and are aware of the fact that the vessels do not carry a physician. However the vessel disposes of a first aid station and a cabin\hospital.

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They are not allowed in the cabins and other passenger areas. They have to travel in the kennel and wear the muzzle.

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